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Jim Searles: Certified NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Pistol Instr.

Calif. D.O.J Hand gun Safety Instructor

Approved Madera and Fresno County CCW Instr.

Gunsmith and Holster Maker

Firearms - Training - CCW Courses in Raymond

LADIES ONLY FIRST STEP: Here at Red Dog Firearms our goal is to give you the Knowledge, Skill and Attitude to become a  responsibly armed citizen. You will be starting out with safe gun handling exercises and gaining the knowledge to load, un-load  and operate different types of hand guns. Then will proceed to live firing

at the range with low noise, low recoil .22 rimfire handguns. Those Ladies that desire to shoot larger caliber guns will be able to after every one is comfortable with the low recoil .22's. You will be furnished with hearing protection. Bring your own eye protection in the form of eye glasses. Cost of the class is $35 and it will take approximately 3 hours.

MADERA and FRESNO COUNTY CONCEALED CARRY: The class will cover California firearms law,

Transporting, Storage, your responsibility, gun-free zones and other subjects necessary for carrying a concealed hand gun in California. The firearm training that we conduct is based on Defensive Gun Handling Techniques. We work with single persons  and small groups. Your training will be customized to fit your present experience and skill level.  The class will take a minimum of 7 hours including a lunch break. We furnish lunch and beverages. You will need to bring with you - Eye and hearing protection,  the gun that will be listed on your CCW, a belt and holster for that gun and at least 2 boxes (100 rounds) 0f ammo.  We will furnish the CCW application and other reference material as well as a completion certificate.  We have rental guns and equipment available at the range. Please let us know of any special needs you may have. Cost of the class is $95 including lunch and range fees. Check the calendar of events page for scheduled classes.

Full Service Licensed Firearm Dealer

Gun Range - Firearms Instruction & Competition

Private Party Transfers $60 - Handgun Safety Certificates $25

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